First Week

Yup, just finished the first week of ‘officially’ teaching back in Toronto. It has been a pretty nerve wreaking first week anticipating calls each morning. However, I survived, and have many interesting memories to reflect on. Having been at home ‘waiting’ for the ball to get rolling on teaching jobs, it was nice to be back in the classroom and working with the children again. I would have to say the week turned out surprisingly well and there were no major issues at all. Thank God! 🙂 Hopefully the jobs will continue to roll in and I’ll be working regularly soon! This past week also marked the posting of my first blog post for TEACH magazine. I was asked to write a series of posts documenting my ‘new teacher’ experience and offer some practical advice for those interested or starting out in the profession. By no means am I the expert or hope to be, but it’s nice to share some of the things that I’ve personally gone through and learned with others who may find it useful. Thanks TEACH for the opportunity! 🙂

At one point, I was thinking to myself about whether or not sharing my ideas and thinking about how to plan for a successful career in teaching was a good idea or not. But B reminded me that it really doesn’t hurt to share and help others whenever you can. Thanks for reminding me always 🙂


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