Thankful for Fam and Frds

As the year 2012 comes to an end, and the start of 2013 is soon going to begin, I have finally found some time to update this blog with all the things that have happened since. In September, I started my full time teaching job at the local public school, which unfortunately I am currently not working at because of my recent diagnosis of PE (blood clots in my lungs). I have been at home and resting for the past couple months and the plan is to return back to work at the beginning of February and hopefully by then, signs of improvement will be clearly seen on the CT scans that I will undergo after I’ve been on medication for about 4 months or so. Going into emergency, I was feeling okay (I think my parents were more worried, understandably) but after the diagnosis, I guess everyone was feeling more shocked and made sure I was resting as much as possible. Since then, I have just tried to be more aware of my body to make sure the condition doesn’t get worse.

From this whole ordeal however, both my family and Ben’s family have been beyond supportive in helping me adjust to life with the condition. Stuff like, making sure what they cook for me does not contain mega amounts of Vitamin K (which produces more blood than I can handle right now since I’m on blood thinning meds), researching causes/effects of the medication, driving me to check ups and to run errands when I needed, staying with me at the hospital when I was admitted, cooking for me, following up with school stuff for me while I was transitioning the new teacher taking over my class for the time being and a million other things that I can hardly remember. I am so grateful for their care and love. Especially to my soon to be husband, I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. He consistently reassures me and has been doing everything in his power to make sure I am okay. To my beautiful and thoughtful friends far and wide for their positive vibes, follow ups and visits. I was telling Ben that though my condition if worse, could possibly be fatal, I was happy with all the wonderful blessings that I have in my life and SO happy with how things have turned out. BUT, thank goodness I’m getting better now it seems, so nothing to worry about. 🙂

Once I started feeling a bit better, I have been out and about (with moderation of course) doing some wedding planning. It’s been nice to get a few things checked off the list. 🙂 Moving forward, I am sure I’m going to be updating more about wedding preparations and all the exciting things that will be coming our way. So far, I have found my wedding dress (that my mom loves), we have our venue, photographer, DJ, make up and hair booked. We will be finalizing our caterer and the people who will help us with our DIY and decorating soon too. So mostly just the little DIY things will be left to do. YAY!

This weekend, Ben and I got our ‘couple rings’ from back in 2007 resized so we can use them as our wedding bands. Though, a flashy new diamond ring would be lovely (haha) I love the sentiment behind doing it this way, as it’s simply more meaningful for us :). Now we’ve put them away though since wearing them for so many years, it is taking some time to adjust to :P, but we want to keep them clean and shiny for the big day in June!

For the next several months, my girls will be busy planning my bridal shower and bachelorette parties. I’m excited for what they will come up with, as I know it will be AMAZING! I will profile each lady closer to the wedding date so you all can get to know why I chose them to be my girls!

For now, wedding stuff will be slightly on hold as we will try to enjoy all the festive gatherings planned for this holiday (Big bro is back in town too :)). Happy holidays to everyone far and near, hopefully soon I can update this blog again with more cooking and recipes.. I haven’t done that in SO long!!!!! I miss it so much .. hehe.


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