The Countdown is ON!


I (we) can’t believe there are only a mere 4 months left before our wedding day. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the news of our engagement and enjoying beautiful summer sunshine with our friends and family. I’m thankful that we have been able to pace ourselves with our wedding planning, and feeling blessed that we both still have the patience to remind each other to ‘keep calm, and carry on’. Luckily, both B and I are DIY kinds of people, and so our mini projects here and there for the wedding has helped to calm the nerves a bit (because we enjoy the creation process).

To some, it may seem stressful to do planning on your own and I won’t lie, it isn’t a breeze. But we figured we’d try to save some money, and the time we spend telling our planner the things we want/need, we might as well do it ourselves. We think it’s helpful to have someone coordinate many aspects of the wedding day though, especially the day of. I can’t imagine having to worry about when the caterer is supposed to arrive or if the cutlery is placed properly while doing my hair and makeup. :/ We decided to hire a day of coordinator (which is significantly cheaper than hiring a wedding planner for the whole thing, she even works specifically at our venue so she knows all the ins and outs), to relieve some of the day of stress.

Decor wise, we have decided to take it into our own hands to create unique and meaningful pieces for our reception. Hopefully our guests will appreciate them and they will all look good together! lol But if not, that’s just a small tidbit of a beautiful and happy day that we are so looking forward to.

One friendly word of advice though if you plan on doing most of the wedding planning yourself…. GOOGLE DOC EXCEL will be your best friend. 😛 I don’t know where I’d be without it. Thank you GOOGLE!

Anyway, we have just finished the creating our wedding invites and plan to send them out this week. If you are reading this, that is probably what brought you here to rsvp :P. We are excited that the final pieces are falling into place. Although there is still TONS to get done, we are fortunate to have friends and family to call on when we need a helping hand. The next 4 months are going to be crazy busy.. but we’ll try and send some updates along the way! 🙂


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