The Sweetest (in every way) Bridal Shower

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-108-3

Today (back track to Apr. 21 lol) was the day that my beloved best girlfriends gave me the best pre-wedding day present ever. Their friendship and support is undeniable, and the effort and time they put into planning my wonderful bridal shower was beyond my expectations! Let me describe for you every facet of the party before I forget.. lol

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-183

The Decor:
Parisienne theme was SO appropriate for the Frenchie in me. Loved the welcome table and “Date Ideas” jar with the mini Eiffel Tower.

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-200-2

The unbelievable life sized ‘hot air balloon’ photo prop for the adventures ahead with my beloved Mr. B.

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-207

The Food:
Croissant sandwiches, heart shaped rice krispies, dipped bread sticks, profiteroles, brownie parfaits, sponge cake skewers, mimosa bar/champagne, lemon poppyseed cupcakes and pistachio cupcakes all beautifully displayed and later devoured!

The beautifully drawn Patisserie backdrop from the girls, reminds me of a place that perhaps one day I will start with my bff, Mrs. Choy, ‘for fun’. 😉

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-435

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-624

The Games:
Really creative and fun games that hopefully everyone enjoyed!
1) Team Mad Libs, which ultimately led to this creative piece of advice which will be hung in our bedroom. lol
2) “He Said,” “She Said” game which was so fun (mostly because I was stuffing myself with marshmallows and trying to talk if the guests got the ‘correct’ answer. haha)
3) Cee Lai Price is Right, to guess the price of grocery items. Team “Moms” against me and another shower guest. hehe and rightfully so, the “Moms” won. 😛

2013-04-21 Ev's Bridal Shower-11-2

The People:
Family friends, high school friends, university friends and one coworker (haha you know who you are lol) who have come into my life and been a part of this amazing life I get to live.

Thank you again to everyone for sharing this special time with me. It is a once in a lifetime experience and having you share in the laughter and joy of today is more than a girl could ever ask for. ❤



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