From Me to You

Dearest You,

Living a great life is all about perspective and priorities. Though it sounds cliche, I really like the quote, “The happiest of people, don’t necessarily have the best of everything…they just make the most of what they have” because it really is true.

I have been blessed with a wonderful life and many amazing opportunities. Some that just happen to come along, while others required lots of hard work and focus to get. Though I still have a long way to go, I hope to keep this personal journal as a way for me to recount all these amazing experiences (mostly because I have a really bad memory :/) but also as a way to share my joy with the world.

This collection of all things Pretty Yummie, will not only appease the eye, but also warm the heart. I want to bring people together, whether it is working on a DIY project, pursuing a good cause, sharing great food or simply sharing a meaningful conversation. Create. Share and Live.

Love, Me.

Here you will find….

Me Things:
Here I will update on my own personal life and what’s currently on my mind. Just a space for personal reflection and thoughts that maybe helpful to you if you’re sharing the same experiences.

Pretty Things:
Scouring the global streets and online world, I love seeing beautiful things. Whether it’s photography, a good cause, design, tech or the latest DIY projects, they inspire me to be creative, to think critically and most often…gush! Hopefully my collection of goodies will do the same for you ^_^.

Yummie Things:
Being someone who loves to eat, I love to cook even more. I find it a nice ‘break’ from the hustle bustle of everyday life. I enjoy walking markets and grocery stores and seeing all the fresh foods laid out. The aroma is mesmerizing and the variety of colours spread across the spaces put a twinkle in my eye. I hope to one day have a fancy shmancy kitchen to play around in with all the different fun gadgets that are out there! Here you will find recipes that I’ve found online or in cookbooks and have tried making myself. The selection of dishes usually come from a craving or inspiration from the Food Network or a recent visit to an eatery. I will also write about visits to cafes, restaurants or food shops. It’s fun to explore the city and learn from others. I get inspired through my trips to eateries and global cuisines are always so fascinating. My hope is to showcase the great foods that are enjoyed in different parts of the world (where I’ve travelled to at least), and hopefully next time you’re in that specific area, you’ll have a guide to help you find your way to deliciousness!

Pretty Places:
Being able to travel and see the world with your very own eyes is something so precious and sometimes taken for granted. I love nature and the world ‘out there’, so I will document all those pretty places that I’ve been to or hope to see and maybe you’ll make a trip there someday too.


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