Currently in…Toronto

I’ve been living in Toronto for the past 20+ years and I have accomplished many wonderful things here and met so many amazing people. As a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in hand, I entered into an eventful career in marketing. Life has become even more exciting since Vidafine was born. It has been a truly rewarding team effort that continues to inspire so many around us. After leaving the corporate world behind, and now, with a Bachelor of Education degree under my belt.. it’s my last couple months in Toronto before I take off to Korea for a 1 year teaching contract to pursue one* of the loves of my life! (because I have so many loves.. hahaha)


I’m off to Korea! Excited and nervous for the journey ahead. Will try to keep everyone updated. Take care Toronto!


I’m back in Toronto, A LOT sooner than I had expected (a whole 11 months sooner than I had expected :P). Reason being, I have been hired by the school board here and the opportunity to teach here is almost once in a lifetime (almost* i say). It’s been quite competitive to get a job with the local school board here as an elementary teacher so when the opportunity arose it was best to take this offer now. As much as I LOVED Korea and the children I met there… it made more sense for me to come home now. Everything happens for a reason. I’m so happy I got the chance to go to Korea nonetheless. SO EXCITED to be home though and share in the many upcoming happy memories with my dear family and friends 🙂


A new chapter has begun! Married the love of my life today and now we get to grow old and wrinkly together forever! Can’t wait to explore this new adventure together… 🙂


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